Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poetry: Sam Spade, My Black Cat

by M. J. Joachim

This poem is a true story about a cat I owned as a teenager, long before I learned I was extremely allergic to cats. I wrote it quite a while ago. It still tenses my heart as I think about Sam Spade, my black cat who I loved so dearly.

He was just a playful kitten
As happy as could be
He was black and shunned
By his mama and the other three

I saw him in that litter
Knowing he'd become the runt
A tiny little scrawny thing
Tan siblings gave the brunt

I picked him up and held him close
This teenager was I
I knew he'd have a lot to give
If only he would try

His tears, they fell on deafened ears
As babies all were bought
I held this baby in my arms
True love is what he sought

I took him home for nothing
No charge was asked of me
This little blackened kitten
Was given away for free

He wasn't worth a price to pay
For those who knew their stuff
He was just a worthless give away
His own mama was even rough

I took him home and cared for him
He loved me like no other
He met me at the bus stop
Where he hissed at my brother

He walked home on my shoulder
Daring all who looked my way
This big black cat now
Scared everyone each day

In the end he had been murdered
Halloween the night they chose
Black cats deserved true torture
For causing so many woes

I found him buried deep
Within a box in my garage
Poison was the culprit
With not a soul to charge

He was black and singled out
From the day he started life
Opinions formed about him
That always caused him strife

But I knew he was more than words
I took the time to know
The heart inside this cast out cat
I let his feelings grow

He offered love, protection too
He was a perfect friend
Murdered for his differences
That he could not defend

I dug up a few old pictures from 1982 to share with you today. I took pictures of them with my phone. Technology sure has changed! None-the-less, this is Sam Spade back in the day, and he was quite a wonderful cat to have too!

Best of the day to you all! Thanks so much for visiting, commenting on and sharing my post today.

M. J.

©2014 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: M. J. Joachim, ©2014 All Rights Reserved, Sam Spade