Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Weight of Bras

by M. J. Joachim

I hate bras! Not a good thing at all when you’re as busty as I am! Which brings me to one of the many reasons why I hate bras…

I mean, think of it! All those metal and plastic hooks, eyes and adjusters, all in the name of providing extra support!

Hellllloooo!!!! Gravity!!! What do they think is going to happen when weight and sagginess start taking their toll? That’s right! Shoulders, necks and backs will pay the price, as all those little tiny “things” dig deep into our skin!

No worries though. For a wee small fee, we can buy extra pads to put underneath the gizmos. Some of us might even be able to compete with professional football players!

Thank God those bra designers and manufacturers are in our corner, just so no one ever has to look at our wrinkly, saggy boobs again!

Just a few more thoughts flashing through my brain. Thanks for stopping by today!

M. J.

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Photo credits: Brassiere 032, Creative Commons - Share Alike; Bra Fence, lldefonse, Public Domain