Sunday, October 19, 2014

Morning Loves with Shadow and Luna

by M. J. Joachim


Every morning, it’s the same routine. Shadow wakes up, checks on Luna and strolls out into the yard, taking his time to waddle out the door. Then he saunters back into the house, takes a sip of water, surveys the couches in the family room, crouches back deep onto his buttocks and makes a short jump to one of his three favorite spots, huffing at me as if to say, “Another morning, huh? And I still have to wait for my breakfast.”

About an hour or so later, Luna makes her way out to the kitchen, stretching and energizing as she comes. She makes the rounds, first finding me and sitting at my feet, waiting to be picked up like a baby. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting or standing, she reaches up her two front paws, stretching her hind legs as far as they will go, hopping and doing little jumps until I pick her up so she can give me my morning hugs and kisses.

Once I put her down, she goes and finds Shadow to kiss him good morning. Tough guy that he is, he obliges her with a high wagging tail and together they race outside to the far end of the yard. Less than a minute goes by before they race back inside, jump on “my” couch, and wait patiently for me to sit down in my spot where they both tackle me with hugs and kisses, while I lavishly pet them, rub their ears and wish them a very good morning and day in turn.

They’re dogs, folks. And I’ve learned to leave my coffee on the kitchen table, because when tails wag and butts wiggle with that much excitement to see me, I’m not about to turn them down!

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M. J.

©2014 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: M. J. Joachim, Shadow and Luna, ©2014 All Rights Reserved