Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Professional Racket

By M. J. Joachim

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The hatred became overwhelming, as she stared into her sister’s eyes. So much anger, where did it all come from, and why didn’t she know about it until now? 

Elise walked away in silence, frightened by the imminence of her impulses. There were so many things she wanted to say to smooth things over, things that wouldn’t matter now, things that had long been buried in the wrongs covered up throughout the years.

Facts and data were the only things required now, and no more than were absolutely mandatory, at that. Their once thriving business had failed miserably, greed and shady practices the cause. 

Elise could only go forward, distancing herself from the rebellion of her sister. One day it might all come to fruition; her sister might get what was coming to her, making all things balance in turn.

Today, Elise held her head high, walking out silently to the curb and getting in the car. Bound by handcuffs and escorted by police, she stood watching the crowd before her, embarrassed and knowing she did nothing wrong.

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Photo credit: Jesus Solana, Deadly Sins – Avarice, CCA – 2.0