Friday, October 25, 2013

Voices from the Grave

By M. J. Joachim

The voices from the cemetery cried out in unison, “You left me to rot in your father’s grave!” The tombstones said, “A military’s faithful and devoted wife,” beneath the men who patriotically bore arms for their country, their women merely honorable mentions for their husbands service.

Beneath the cold, dark ground, damp and frozen, they reached beyond their coffins clamoring together as one spirit, a voice to be heard and reckoned with, a voice challenging those who dared to deny their own mothers identity among the crowd.

“Rise up,” declared their leader. “Rise up and storm the town! We will not rest in peace until we’ve had our proper due!”

Collectively they scurried for the surface of the graveyard, furiously creating a gateway, thrusting soil and long buried coffins in their wake. Tombs and mausoleums upturned – twirling, spinning, toppling to the ground. “The world will pay for this injustice, this crime against women who labored, raising future generations undaunted by the price we paid for men of war!”

One grave stood alone, untouched in their midst. It was that of a woman long forgotten, dismissed in her unmarked grave, a grave that buried no one, for she had never died.

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