Sunday, October 27, 2013

Payment Denied – Spooktoberfest Blog Hop

By M. J. Joachim

Many thanks to Jackie and Dani for hosting this eerily entertaining event!

The journey had been treacherous, debilitating and prolonged. Elise struggled silently, spellbound, as the dawn turned into dusk, then complete and exacerbating darkness, silhouetted by the headlights from the van. Her impeding doom could not distract her focus.
James’s wretched plan to journey through the night heightened her sense of agonizing panic as the rusty, decrepit, old van sputtered, groaned and jolted to an abrupt and unexpected stop. Listening intently, Elise could hear James cursing, thrashing and kicking at the van. 

“Damned skeletons!” he screamed. “Fucking damn skeletons littering the road again!”

“It was now or never,” she thought, rationalizing her fear of James's notorious, deranged behavior, in conjunction with her desire to escape. “James will be deluding himself about aliens before long. It will only be a matter of time before he pulls out the mask, drinks the forbidden potion and declares himself a werewolf and defender of innocent maidens.”

She cautiously looked back at the mound of terrified victims hidden beneath the grungy, contemptible, canvas tarp. They were securely fastened to the inside walls of the van, then covered with the foul, grotesque, blood-soaked canopy, captured as payment to the warlocks for the hallucinogenic brew he so desperately required and craved.

James advanced to the front of the van, where he could distinctly see their bright orange destination in the distance; it looked so close, but James knew it was devilishly far, far away. In his panic and frustration, he started walking toward the light, something he’d done every time the van broke down so unexpectedly. 

Elise slowly slipped into the back of the van, removing the tarp from James’s victims. Vigilantly, she prodded with her nail file, unbolting the rusted out locks from the sides of the van, before noiselessly opening its back doors. 

“Ssshhh,” she whispered to the girls. “There will be no payment for potion tonight, other than the soul of James himself,” she said. Judiciously, she led them toward the woods.

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M. J. 

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Photo credits: Courtesy of Jackie & Dani – required for bloghop