Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tara’s Tarantulas

by M. J. Joachim

Tara slept peacefully amidst the tarantulas in her midst. They were her friends, much more so than those she would never trust again. These furry little creatures cuddled up to Tara, did her bidding and appreciated her tender caring ways for them.

As Tara slept, her tarantulas covered her like a warm, fuzzy blanket. The sun had set and evening was getting quite a bit colder. Tara had run away from home, you see, after being traumatized for thirteen long and brutal years. Her only comfort was when she’d walk through the trees in the forest and talk to the tarantulas, on those rare occasions when she could escape the wrath of her mother and father.

Tara’s parents were alcoholics and they threatened and beat her every day. Hers was to keep the house clean, do her schoolwork and try to cook a few decent meals for the family. It was never good enough; Tara always fell short in some way or other, and consequently took her beatings with as much bravery and courage as she could muster.

She never felt sorry for herself, never had a thought for self-pity or revenge. She simply escaped into the forest and talked to her tarantula friends from time to time, to release the emotions pent up in her heart. The tarantulas always listened intently, determined to make Tara feel a little bit better by being so caring themselves.

Tonight was different. The tarantulas were very disturbed when Tara came to them and asked if she could sleep in their midst, telling them she had run away because her parents had threatened to kill her. It seems she was having problems keeping up in school and her teachers had finally reported she might be the victim of abuse. When Tara got home from school, the authorities had already been to her house; they’d started an investigation and Tara would likely be taken away based on what they’d found.

Tara’s father told Tara then and there he would kill her first. He would kill her mother in front of her, then kill her and finally kill himself. He told her she’d have to help kill her own mother. He told her death was better than being denied the pleasure of terrorizing Tara.

Tara ran to the trees and told her tarantulas what had happened. They in turn, sent an army to the house. Tara would live with the tarantulas now, since her parents had been tortured and poisoned by thousands of hungry, man-eating tarantulas.

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M. J.

Photo credit: Brachypelma smithi, voir ci-dessous, GFDL
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