Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Octavius’s Octopi

by M. J. Joachim

Octavius worked furiously in his laboratory. His newest invention would be considered rather outrageous; he himself thought it was quite outstanding. Only time would tell, if his earthbound octopus could do what he had planned.

As a member of Orion’s Mad Scientist Community, Octavius could pretty much create anything he wanted to, provided it could move, breathe and scare people. His invention was made by cross-breeding humans with octopi, so that the tentacles resembled human limbs, the head looked like an octopus and the defense mechanisms were muscle, strength and ink. Octavius went one further; the octopi he created could live on land.

As he unveiled his new creation at the annual OMSC Convention, others openly stared in awe. Otis, one of the other scientists there, wondered why the octopi were caged and guarded so closely. He quietly snuck behind Octavius’s display, reached in to feel the human tentacles, when suddenly, he was sucked through the bars and squeezed to death. The octopi quickly let out a large display of ink after eating its victim.

Octavius looked around and said, “Curiosity killed the mad scientist!” Orion got on the loud speaker and declared Octavius the overwhelming winner of this year’s Convention entries, having “death-dified” his uniquely satisfactory new invention.

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Photo credit:  Octopus 2, Albert Kok, GFDL
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