Monday, April 15, 2013

Market Mincemeat

by M. J. Joachim

Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so darned mad in the first place. But menaces like Marybeth drive me crazy! Milk is difficult enough to come by in this monitored society we live in, where everything has to be manufactured and government approved, before we’re allowed to have it.

Marybeth knew those darned government mentors would be hot on my trail, if they knew I was hiding a cow and selling milk on the black market. It’s not like she needed to rat me out either. We’d been swapping her eggs for my milk for months now. Then, suddenly, she turns mealy mouse on me, like some milk-toast government mentor on me.

Millstone around her middle, that’s all I could do. Meant to drop her in Minnetonka Marsh, mingle and dangle her until she mentioned the truth is all. I never meant to kill her, just scare her a little, that’s all.

Turns out Marybeth meant no harm at all. She had no clue her chickens were being monitored by machines. Government mentors had been monitoring all of us black market sellers, and now they were gathering us up to turn us into market mincemeat. Seems Marybeth would have died anyway. I’m just glad I was the one to save her so much torture, torment and misery from the government.

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M. J.

Photo credit:  Mincemeat, Stuart Caie, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
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