Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Iguana Insurgence

by M. J. Joachim

Iguanas were everywhere when Igor entered the pet store. Increasing in numbers and taking over the building, they hid inside boxes, air ducts and other animal cages. Big iguanas, small iguanas, incited iguanas ignoring Igor’s intriguing plan to set them free.

“We are already free,” they incited as if to claim their territory. “We rule Igor’s pet shop and all the others bow before us in humble supplication.”

Igor was beside himself, injured by the ingratitude and insurgence of his pets, animals he loved and cared for, seemingly more than his own wife and children at times. Sweat poured from his body. Anxiety caused him to act quickly, on impulse.

Ingeniously, he packed each iguana into a pet carrier, boxed them up and shipped them to Idjwi, an island in the Republic of Congo. Here his friend in immigration would implement the process to immobilize the iguanas from increasing their reign of terror.

As he sipped his coffee, Igor’s wife noticed his hand shaking. “Are you alright, Igor? Maybe you shouldn’t go into the shop today. You seem like you might be coming down with something,” she said as she felt his head for signs of a temperature. 

“I’ll be fine, Ingrid,” he said. “After all, it was only a dream, one that gave me invaluable insights about the father and husband I am and truly want to be.”

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M. J.

Photo credit:  Portrait of an Iguana, Bjørn Christian Tørrisen, Picture of the Year 2009, GFDL
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