Thursday, April 4, 2013

Deadly Determination

by M. J. Joachim

Dying was not an option for David. As bad as his disease was, dying was something he never planned to do. He yearned for his developments to reach fruition, knowing he could deem his device worthy of challenging the ultimate demise with dead-on consequences.

Weakness and cloudy memories filtered through David’s brain. He was not prepared for this. There were no discussions about dismissing the challenges, prior to going through the process. Dedication was the only thing he had left.

Slowly, David hooked his device onto his chest, inserting the wires into his special vest. Purposefully, he turned on the machine, listened to it whirr and prepared to deliver himself into the next realm of life, a place of destiny for those incapable of dying.

Daniel noticed David’s hands shaking as he did so. Dramatically, he declared David’s demise by the other druid’s standing guard. “Weakness is not an option for those determined to de-zone earth, Daniel emphasized. Death is all that is left for you, David,” he said decidedly.


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Photo credit:  An Arch Druid in his Judicial Habit, S. R. Meyrick and C. H. Smith, PD – US
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