Friday, March 1, 2013

Technical Difficulties

by M. J. Joachim

Reading the email, Marissa was horrified to discover her mother was being hunted by the intruder. As much as her own computer was acting up, she never expected the intruder to use her computer to track down her mother and hunt her like prey.

It was all there in black and white, however. The virus had been delivered. Marissa’s mom would have to pay for her neglect of being nice to the intruder.

Across town, Ellie got in her car and drove to the highway. She pulled off the road, flagged down a passing car and got into the vehicle. “Drive,” she said. “Drive north, then head east, then north again.”

The driver looked at her and smiled. “You didn’t think you could get away that easily, did you Ellie? I rigged the GPS on your car too. Won’t Marissa be surprised when she finds out I’ve captured my prey!”


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Photo credit:  Stoned Virus in Hexacode, keiner, da kein werk, Public Domain
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