Friday, March 22, 2013

Feeding Frenzy!

by M. J. Joachim

Julia sat, continuously typing on her computer. She was used to the mild tingling in her fingertips, and the dry flakiness of her hands. The breezy sensation that fluttered through her hands seemed completely normal now, something she attributed it to so many electrical devices in the room.

Being blind, Julia memorized the keyboard long ago, had extra sound, voice and buzz systems installed and worked diligently each and every day, writing her novels, publishing blogs for clients and promoting her work through social media.

As the warmth of her hands flooded over the keys, Julia felt the sudden wetness, then the mild electrical shock. She paused, raised her index finger to her mouth and tasted blood on the tip of it.

Slowly she got up and walked out to the kitchen. “What’s happened to you, my love?” her husband exclaimed. “How did your hands get so torn up and bloody? Surely not from using your own computer after only a year!”

George walked back to Julia’s office and screamed. Her desk was covered in thousands of cockroaches. They were crawling out from between the keys on her computer, the hard drive and voice alert system – big, fat, juicy, well-fed cockroaches everywhere he looked!


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M. J.

Special thanks to Michael Offutt for inspiring this post.

Photo credit:  “I’m a bug!”- Laurence Simon, CCA 2.0 Generic
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