Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cavalry Capture

by M. J. Joachim

Coals in the Weber glistened white as snow, the orange glow beneath proved they were primed and ready. Winter whipped through the air, damp, dark and gloomy. Not enough to prevent Marg and Jeremy from cooking up their annual steak dinner – not enough to hinder celebrating their safety one more time.

Bundled up in bear skins and huddled beneath the trees overshadowing their cave, they listened to the cavalry far beyond. Escaping was easy; staying alive would surely be much harder.

Branches in the forest crackled. Without warning, Jeremy’s face was pushed into the grill, his skin sizzling above the coals. Marg screamed, tried to get her footing to take off running, and fell beneath the weight of the intruder landing on top of her.

“Onabugawaduquipsiu! Onabugawaduquipsiu!” roared the Captain to his army. At that, Jeremy was splice from head to toe, and Marg was captured, forced to be his bride.


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Photo credit:  African mounted soldier (circa 1820), reproduction of Hutton/Clark, PD - US
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