Monday, March 4, 2013

Becoming Human

by M. J. Joachim

“If I am not considered human, I have no value at all,” Damien spoke boldly when addressing the king.

“You are a servant!” yelled the king. “You must abide by the rule and obey the master plan!”

“Beg forgiveness, your Royal Highness, but I must count for something, even in the midst of serving. Please, I do not wish to anger you! I simply must plead on your mercy and beg of you to release me from my own nothingness, or surely I will die!”

Looking at her guards, the king motioned them to surround Damien.

“You are banished from the Kingdom of Pencealde Grammut forever! No longer will you serve in silence. Instead you will grovel like so many humans beneath us, out in the galaxy beyond. Your wish has been granted. You are a human now! Be gone, Damien! Be gone from my aura forever!”


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Photo credit:  Aurora2, NASA, PD – USGovt
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