Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Dinner Guest

by M. J. Joachim

Dark, damp and surrounded by delicious food, Herb made his way to the next pile. “Mmmm….moldy corn cobs, soggy lettuce and smooth avocado pits – perfect for basking in the sun,” he thought, as he slowly crawled onto the mound of coffee grounds, feet sinking deep, as though they were in wet sand.

Steadily, the shadow appeared overhead. At first Herb thought it was a cloud, blocking the sunlight. As it lowered and wavered, Herb knew. Dashing under the avocado pit, he burrowed deep into the rubbish.

Elmer raised the shovel high over his shoulder again. “Blasted cockroach messing around in my kitchen,” he stuttered. “I’ll bust that critter in two yet. Just you wait and see,” he said to his wife.


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Photo credit:  Cockroach head, Sharadpunita, Creative Commons Attribution
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