Sunday, February 24, 2013

Martians in Cyberspace

by M. J. Joachim
It was time. Much work had been completed; still much work needed to be done. All the resources in the world couldn’t prepare them for the task at hand, and yet, there was hope.

Albert, Brendan, Carlisle and Douglas censored the crowds. Ethan, Frances, Garrison and Howard mutated the virus. Imelda, Jack and Kelana worked with Lionel to secure their position. Melissa and Naomi contacted Oprah for publicity, while Peter, Quinn and Riley dominated the main screen.

Secretly, everyone tallied universal variations, wagering against xeroma development in their eyes, yellowed by zigzag stripes from the prevalence of intoxicating poison.

The team worked feverishly, hoping against hope they would not be too late. Martians had already landed in distant areas of cyberspace. If they set up camp, all would be lost, the Internet would disappear.


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This post has been inspired by my recent post on the A – Z blog, where I offer a few suggestions for finding words from A – Z, to those participating in this year’s challenge. I do hope you’ll be among them.

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Photo credit:  Writing for Cyberspace, Kathy Mackey, Public Domain
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