Friday, February 8, 2013

Dumpster Diving

by M. J. Joachim
Hidden beneath the depths of the massive mound of debris, a rusty old ironing board caught his eye. He reached for it, moving some papers and broken dishes aside with his foot. Slowly, he pulled it from the pile, hoisted it up and tossed it over the side.

He maneuvered his way to the other end of the bin, where it looked like someone had tossed away an old lamp. “That could come in handy,” he thought. “Bet she’d like that,” he muttered under his breath.

Olga was thrilled when she saw the treasures Quinn brought home that day. “The ironing board doesn’t raise and collapse at all,” he said, “but I can fix that easily.”
“The lamp only needs a bit of new wiring, another easy fix for your handyman,” he smiled.

“Yes and we really need a new one too,” she said in reply. “I’ve made stew for dinner, with fresh orange juice from those oranges that were spoiling in the neighbor’s front yard. He didn’t mind at all that I cleaned them up for him.”

“It’s a simple life, Olga, but a darned good one,” Quinn said. “We have our health and our garden. We have good neighbors too. And I have the most beautiful, wonderful wife in the world! Not much more a guy could ask for than that!” he said with a smile.


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M. J. 

Photo credit:  Dumpster Eagles, Sonya, Creative Commons Attribution
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