Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Destination: Mars

by M. J. Joachim
Susan and Joey couldn’t have chosen a better day for a picnic. The sun was shining brightly. Spring was in the air. Life was good. Life was really good.

Susan tossed her long, wavy blond head back, smiling, flirting and cherishing the moment. Joey grinned, knowing she was his. He leaned over, gently caressed her succulent breast and tenderly kissed her cherry lips. She embraced him, firmly, securely and without mercy.

Cautiously, Joey tried not to squirm. Though he didn’t understand, he knew death was imminent. Longingly he looked deep within her eyes.

“Why?” he asked. “Who are you?”

Susan’s wicked laugh revealed the final warning. Moments later, Joey landed on Mars.

“Hello Mate,” said one man upon his arrival. “Welcome to your new home.”
Dazed and confused, Joey stammered trying to get the words out. “Where’s Susan?” he asked.

“Oh, don’t you know what’s ‘appened, old fella?” You‘ve been captured by Zeus, 'is Royal ‘ighness, see and he’s decreed that Men are from Mars, women from Venus. That’s where she is, dear fella. Way out there in the universe, sent to live with all the others. You understand now, dontcha?”

“Ah, but don’t get yourself all bunched up and out o’ sorts about it all now,” chimed in another from the crowd. “Venus ain’t liking this at all, not one little bit, see? She’s decided to take revenge on dear old Zeusy, by keeping us all to herself.”


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Photo credit: Mars (taken by Spirit Rover) Public Domain, NASA
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