Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Payment Denied – The Story Continues, Part 2

By M. J. Joachim

Payment Denied, Part 1

Elise cautiously led the captives into the woods, knowing it would only be a matter of time before James realized they were gone. Briskly, they ventured deeper into the dense, dark forest, heading toward a nearby town on the other side of the ridge. Getting there would be treacherous, especially since every effort must be made to avoid suspicion. 

Elise was their friend now, an ally promising to keep them safe. The girls felt compelled to put all their faith in her. Natalie nudged her sister, Amanda, expressing misgivings in her eyes. Elise caught her by the hair, “You have a better plan, you worthless heap of trash?” she whispered. “I saved your skinny ass from James! Now who would you rather believe in, me or some drug-crazed, psychotic lunatic?”

“Stay close. Don’t say or do anything that might give our position away. I’ve traveled these woods dozens of times, and the only time there’s trouble is when squirrely girls like you get out of hand. Do exactly as I say, and you might have a chance in hell of getting out of here alive,” she murmured to the girls.

Hours of walking in darkness – no food, no water, only the constant insistence of Elise to keep moving. Finally, she stopped. The note on the tree in front of Elise directed her next move. She had definitively passed Phase 1, allowing her to move on to Phase 2 of her evaluation.

“Dig,” Elise ordered. “Dig hard, fast and furious,” she screamed, pointing at the base of the colossal tree. The girls appeared dazed and confused. “Why is she suddenly screaming at us now?” Natalie uttered. “Weren’t we supposed to keep quiet, so James wouldn’t find us?”

“James,” Elise cackled out loud. “Oh, poor, poor, sweet and innocent little James, a promising specimen for sure,” she laughed, as she slammed Natalie against the tree. “Now listen, you insignificant, power hungry parasite! If you don’t start following orders and quit stirring up trouble, you’ll be the first to die,” she sneered. “Dig,” she screamed again at all the girls!

Four girls bent down and started clawing at the cold, damp ground with their broken, bloody fingernails. Three more slowly joined them, fear dominating their every move. Natalie alone stood tall, unmoved by Elise’s harsh determination. “You’ll never pass Phase 2,” she calculatingly warned Elise. “The town can’t be reached by the tunnel beneath this tree. You have failed this phase of the test, Elise, and the glory will be mine, all mine,” she calmly said.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Payment Denied – Spooktoberfest Blog Hop

By M. J. Joachim

Many thanks to Jackie and Dani for hosting this eerily entertaining event!

The journey had been treacherous, debilitating and prolonged. Elise struggled silently, spellbound, as the dawn turned into dusk, then complete and exacerbating darkness, silhouetted by the headlights from the van. Her impeding doom could not distract her focus.
James’s wretched plan to journey through the night heightened her sense of agonizing panic as the rusty, decrepit, old van sputtered, groaned and jolted to an abrupt and unexpected stop. Listening intently, Elise could hear James cursing, thrashing and kicking at the van. 

“Damned skeletons!” he screamed. “Fucking damn skeletons littering the road again!”

“It was now or never,” she thought, rationalizing her fear of James's notorious, deranged behavior, in conjunction with her desire to escape. “James will be deluding himself about aliens before long. It will only be a matter of time before he pulls out the mask, drinks the forbidden potion and declares himself a werewolf and defender of innocent maidens.”

She cautiously looked back at the mound of terrified victims hidden beneath the grungy, contemptible, canvas tarp. They were securely fastened to the inside walls of the van, then covered with the foul, grotesque, blood-soaked canopy, captured as payment to the warlocks for the hallucinogenic brew he so desperately required and craved.

James advanced to the front of the van, where he could distinctly see their bright orange destination in the distance; it looked so close, but James knew it was devilishly far, far away. In his panic and frustration, he started walking toward the light, something he’d done every time the van broke down so unexpectedly. 

Elise slowly slipped into the back of the van, removing the tarp from James’s victims. Vigilantly, she prodded with her nail file, unbolting the rusted out locks from the sides of the van, before noiselessly opening its back doors. 

“Ssshhh,” she whispered to the girls. “There will be no payment for potion tonight, other than the soul of James himself,” she said. Judiciously, she led them toward the woods.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Voices from the Grave

By M. J. Joachim

The voices from the cemetery cried out in unison, “You left me to rot in your father’s grave!” The tombstones said, “A military’s faithful and devoted wife,” beneath the men who patriotically bore arms for their country, their women merely honorable mentions for their husbands service.

Beneath the cold, dark ground, damp and frozen, they reached beyond their coffins clamoring together as one spirit, a voice to be heard and reckoned with, a voice challenging those who dared to deny their own mothers identity among the crowd.

“Rise up,” declared their leader. “Rise up and storm the town! We will not rest in peace until we’ve had our proper due!”

Collectively they scurried for the surface of the graveyard, furiously creating a gateway, thrusting soil and long buried coffins in their wake. Tombs and mausoleums upturned – twirling, spinning, toppling to the ground. “The world will pay for this injustice, this crime against women who labored, raising future generations undaunted by the price we paid for men of war!”

One grave stood alone, untouched in their midst. It was that of a woman long forgotten, dismissed in her unmarked grave, a grave that buried no one, for she had never died.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Unmarked Grave

By M. J. Joachim

She quickly closed her eyes when she read the tombstone once again. Making grave markers was never her style, and yet, it had to be done. All proper respects should be paid for anyone who happened by the scene. 

Meanwhile, the unmarked grave rattled in the cemetery. A body buried beneath the soil, resting and waiting…

“Nightmares will be their reward,” whispered the ghost filtering through the air.

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