Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vignettes Honoring Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

by M. J. Joachim
Water rushed at them from all directions. It’s was worse than being at sea! Power outages, trees down, bitter, inescapable cold!

Slowly, paramedics slid Mama on a gurney down the stairs. Labor was coming on hard and fast now. Stopping before her newborn baby arrived was not an option. Eight long flights of stairs, while Daddy held his cell phone on for light.

Extreme darkness took over the scene, winds howling ferociously outside. They were alone out there, deep in the back roads of the county. Electricity severed, families huddled close, thankful for the enlightened politician in their town.

Taxi, taxi, taxi…out of harm’s way! Time for another run…people depend on you, kind friend!

His massive truck swerved wildly in the raging waters. Winds tossed it side to side. “Hold steady, now old boy! We’ve got work to do,” he whispered, white knuckling the steering wheel and praying he’d survive.

Smoke and flames filled the attic. Water rushed in downstairs. Sparks flew in all directions, trapping those weathering the storm. Climbing the awning, he gathered all in his strong arms, carried them down and drove the boat to safety.

We knew her nooks and crannies, that boundless eastern shore. Remodeled in the fury, heroes rose to the occasion. Thank you one and all!

M. J.

©2012 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, NASA, Public Domain