Monday, October 22, 2012

The Last Word

by M. J. Joachim
The moment had finally arrived. Elizabeth knew there was no turning back now. As she opened her eyes, faint sounds of people could be heard in the distance. Feet crackled in the gravel, crunching it heavily beneath the soles of their shoes. 

Enclosed and captured in this box, Elizabeth groaned beneath its weight. Steadfastly, she pierced the lid with lasers from her eyes, penetrating the mound of soil placed on top.
“Release me,” she chanted. “RELEASE ME!”

Slowly, the dirt recoiled at her presence, drawing back and away from where it came. The foul smell of melting plastic, metal and wood filled the air, as the box surrounding her melted away.

Entombed no more, Elizabeth raised her right hand toward the mourners. “It was you who killed me with your gossip,” she declared. “It is I who will have the last word!”

At that very moment, a brilliant light shone down from the sky. “No, it is I who will have the last word,” said a voice. 

Elizabeth trembled as she heard His voice and beheld the face of God!


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M. J. 

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Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Creative Commons Attribution