Wednesday, October 31, 2012

P. O. W.

by M. J. Joachim
The words came easily enough, as Jeremy struggled to release them. All he needed to do was transfer the words from his brain, to his mouth and then his fingertips.

Bzzzp! Bzzzp!

The sudden surge of electricity jolted Jeremy to his senses. It was not his words they wanted. His words were no good here, and each time he thought them, electricity raced through his mind, forcing him to think again.

Seven years – captive, beaten down and transformed…

For a war that was probably over, a home disintegrated by an atomic bomb.

Why did he continue to resist?

What could possibly keep him so intent on thinking his own thoughts?

It was as if Jeremy believed in what was next. But his captors knew without a doubt, he was wrong.

One by one, his captors were released from their duties. Each time, Jeremy tapped the floor with his toe, “Thud, thud, tippity-tap, tip, tap, tap.”

Seven years, playing the game…

Until finally…

The U. S. Navy Seals brought him home!


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M. J.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons, U. S. Navy, Public Domain