Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cats Revenge

by M. J. Joachim
Slowly, water trickled into the yard. Elisha couldn’t fathom its source or destination.

“Dominiqua, has you been out there diggin and turnin up soil again?!” she hollered. “Whatz you doin’ all the time messin with my yahd?!”

Dominiqua had been gone for 13 years – poisoned on that fateful Halloween. Elisha had no idea Dominqua was dead. All she knew was that her precious black kitty disappeared one night.

Neighbors had long decided to keep all pets indoors on Halloween, efforts to prevent the inevitable murderous riot from happening to them.

Dominiqua’s spirit comforted living black cats, while subconsciously leading every neighborhood cat to the place of her revenge. Energy from beneath the grave electrified the ground for miles.

As darkness settled in, a rough group of teenage boys assembled for the annual ritual. Suddenly, fear gripped them by the throat. Blood drained from their cheeks; uncontrolled, hot urine, poured down their legs.

Running as fast as they could, they headed straight for Dominiqua’s yard – her place of capture and demise. Within seconds, their feet sunk deep into the ground. Cats seemed to come at them from everywhere.

Elisha looked out the window and smiled. Dominiqua led the pack.


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