Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Preventative Maintenance

by M. J. Joachim

Janice’s frustration level had reached its peak when she heard the garbage disposal stop for the third time that month. Another popsicle stick, this time causing little doubt that the entire unit would need to be replaced.  Her husband was bound to carry on about how horribly she managed the kids again…only this time it might be a much more severe response. Each time he heard about anything going wrong on the home front, Janice was to blame. Each time he would remedy the situation with his own warped method of correction for her.

The thought of being reprimanded in front of her little ones yet again this week disturbed Janice to the core. Every time, they took their father’s side, knowing it was not an option to take responsibility or side with their mom. Janice’s mind began to race. She went into the garage and pulled out the sledge hammer. The loud banging woke her napping children. “Look kids. The pipes exploded,” she said. Calmly, she walked out the door and returned the sledge hammer to their neighbor. He’d been asking for it since the last time the garbage disposal broke, when her husband borrowed it to remind her of the consequences if it ever broke again.