Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lured by Deceit

by M. J. Joachim

Beauty, intelligence and innocence were just what Randy was looking for. He was determined to find a bit of extra-curricular activity, having become bored with his wife. Neither one would be the wiser; Randy was on a mission to taste the temptations of forbidden fruit.

Betz – gullible to the core, desperately needing approval, and almost willing to do anything to prove her worth, was a perfect subject. Na├»ve, insecure girls are easy pickings for a man like Randy. They are just cocky enough to let everyone know they’re scared to death, and just determined enough to prove they can manage despite their fears.

As Betz stopped at the water fountain on the jogging trail, Randy frowned and gave a downward glance. It was so unlike the man she’d chatted with several times before. "What's wrong," Betz asked. Out came the sob story about his poor excuse of a wife; his body shook with grief, as fake tears filled his eyes. Betz reached over to give him a hug, telling him everything would be alright. Randy smiled, knowing he’d used that story many times, though he never received such a kind and warm response quite so quickly before.