Tuesday, September 18, 2012

America Under Attack

Captured by the innocence, he tried to get away. Returning home was one of the hardest things he ever did. Sharing with her would be impossible. Even if he could, no one ever needed to glimpse the face of evil.

That was his call to arms, his and all his comrades. Hell, he couldn’t wait to serve his country when he was just a kid. Now that he had, there was no turning back.

“People hate Americans!” That’s all that he could say. “They hate us and they want us dead!” Protecting them was non-negotiable – serving on their soil, living by their rules in the name of democracy. “Their leaders don’t want democracy,” he shouted in his sleep one night. “They only want Americans dead!”

When he turned on the news the next morning, he was horrified. America was under attack again. “We have no right to upset other nations by forcing them to be like us,” declared the President of the United States. “We must accept responsibility for our actions, and try to heal these wounds.”

At that moment, innocence was lost forever. She held her soldier tightly in her arms, and finally understood all there was to know.


That’s all for now, good people! May God bless America!

M. J.

©2012 All Rights Reserved
Photo Credit: Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License